I’m a farm girl at heart

If you had told me ten years go, or even just five that I would have pet miniature donkeys in my yard I would would have squealed in disbelief!

Although I have always been a huge animal lover, I never really believed that this whole big farm thing would all come true. I knew I would have my goats and my chickens someday but to get to have piggies, and now Mini Donkeys is all a big dream come true!

My animals keep me grounded, they bring so much joy and peace into my life. They are a lot of work but they make me so happy and I just love being with them. I love that no matter whats going on in my day I can go out to see them and everything else just goes away, I can just sit and talk to them or listen to the sounds of the outdoors and everything seems to be ok again. They make me slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

I think most people have a thing, maybe it’s exercise, or reading, cooking, or another hobby that brings you joy but for me it’s my animals. I’m so thankful that I get to live this life with all of them and that you let me share them here with you, it makes it even more fun for me knowing that you get joy out of seeing them as well!

I’m loving my new tops from the sweet Evy’s Tree, these both just launched today so be sure to snag yours now!

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  • RebekahYour pics and posts make me so happy. I love living vicariously!! I only have 2 kitties named Sushi and Kikkoman, but SOMEDAY….!!!! ❤️