I finally have an Instagram Wall and I love it!

Instagram, another one of my favorites! I have been seeing people using their Instagram pictures in all different ways and over the past year or two I have been having my favorite Instagram pictures printed and just hanging onto them for something really special. I knew once we moved into the new house I wanted to pick a wall or two to cover with my Instagram pictures! Some place where I could enjoy all of our sweet memories! It makes me smile so big every time I walk by and see all that cuteness!

I wanted all of my pictures to match size wise and photo quality so I am having them all printed at the Social Print Studio. I love the thicker matte paper they print their pictures on and the quality is always great!   3M Poster hangers seem to work the best to hang my Instagram pictures on the wall. Im not sure if they will come off the wall but I don’t ever want to take them down so it’s ok with me. I can’t wait to cover my walls with all of our sweet pictures!


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