A new point and shoot camera, Canon EOS M

I recently have been on the hunt  for a new point and shoot camera for several months and just could not make up my mind as to what I wanted. As most of you know I use my phone for almost all my daily life and vacation pictures but I’ve been feeling like I needed something more for awhile now. Don’t worry I’ll keep using my phone too of course but for bigger daily life events and trips I wanted something I could just leave out on the counter and grab at a moments notice that was not my professional SLR. So after lots of research by both me and my husband this Canon EOS M was the answer. Im a Canon girl through and through but even ventured to looking at other brands but in the end Canon won again! It’s a mirror less camera that is point and shoot size but can use interchangeable lenses and can be both automatic or completely manual!! I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now and have had some fun with it. The only big complaint I had before ordering was that it was not wireless and I wanted to be able to share pictures on my social media easily so I ended up purchasing and Eye-Fi card that makes it wireless, I can now send pictures directly from my camera to my phone wirelessly and then to you and I’m a happy girl!

The camera is a bit slow to focus compared to what I am used to but still much better than my phone. For me the fact that it is manual is huge and I love that I can make changes to the exposure with the touch of a button. It’s a nice size, small enough to throw in your purse but it still feels solid in your hands. It’s to big to put in your pocket but small enough to carry in a clutch. There is no viewfinder so you have to get used to using the large screen on the back to take your pictures, it hasn’t really been difficult for me though because it’s very similar to using your phone. You can also make focus and other manual adjustments by touching things on the screen which is very convenient. I purchased mine with the 22m pancake lens and love it. Im a fixed lens girl so this fits well for me, I however will be looking into some other lenses too for the future!

I purchased both the camera and the card on Amazon, here is a link to ones similar to what I purchased Canon EOS M, Eye-Fi Card.


I had a large print printed at my lab of this sweet image of Libby in the glasses and it turned out great! That is one of the things I’m most excited about with this camera that when I do get some great images I can actually print them larger than a 5×7 and display them in the house! The images are also super sharp and crisp which I love!


The color seems great too and with the manual settings I was able to let in lots of light by changing the ISO and aperture. I have only used it for a few weeks so once I get to know it better I may have more to share but for now I am very pleased and I can’t wait to play with it more in my daily life!


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