Guest Post: Anomis By Simona

We have a lovely guest post today from a very talented graphic designer. Simona found our blog on Pinterest and fell in love with it and wanted to share her adorable notebooks with all you here, so she has put together a fun little post. Her work is very fun and interesting and who doesn’t love a fabulous notebook! I am a notebook and paper addict myself and think these would be just darling for Noah! How will I ever decide which pattern to get him! I hope you enjoy this fun little post as much as I have and happy Wednesday!

Guess that animal – Colorful notebooks inspired by animals


Animal Notebooks

Hi everyone, I am Simona Cellar, founder and designer of anomis. I create uplifting vibrant surface patterns for a variety of products to brighten your day.

I’m a Swiss Graphic Designer with a passion for surface patterns. Just about two years ago I discovered the world of surface patterns. In fact, I’ve always been a fan of the Print & Pattern Blog  just didn’t know how all these lovely patterns were created. That is why I decided to take a course via the Pattern Observer to learn all about collections and surface patterns.

As graphic designers, we are genetically programmed to love paper, so you can always find me on blogs such as the Card and gift blog or the Stationery place .

My love for paper and new found passion for surface patterns has led me to do gorgeous surface patterns on lovely paper. I now have a large collection of greeting cards, notebooks and planners.

While my products fulfill their intent, they are also great for decorating. Greeting cards become wall art, notebooks or planners become the focal point on my coffee table and instantly add a pop of color to my space. Speaking of space, if you don’t know decor8 yet, I highly recommend it. I always find tons of great inspiration for decorating my home.



Fox Notebook

Today, I want to introduce you to my animal notebooks. They will not only add a splash of color to your space, but are also fun to use: Whether you want to work on your goals, jot down your ideas, or figure out your plans.


Duck Notebook Turtle Notebook

The notebooks’ surface patterns are all based on animals. People are asked to guess what animal the patterns are based on. Can you figure it out? I’ll give you a hint: The title is related to the animal: “Solid plans”, high goals” and “smart ideas”. Did you get it? You can check your answers on the inside cover on the back.

Head over to my etsy store and get your own animal notebooks.


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