Gorgeous Baby Bunnies

What better surprise to walk out to one morning then baby bunnies? One morning I walked out into the girls pen and saw a bunch of fur and to my surprise some baby bunnies! I don’t think you can ever have enough bunnies!
These baby bunnies are lion heads. We weren’t sure at first as we have lops and lion head girls in the pen, but once we took them out to be fed our white lion head mama ran right up to nurse them. She is a first time mama and she has been doing amazing. Everytime she runs right up to feed them and visit with them, it’s just the sweetest site!
I’ve had many litters of bunnies, but this litter is so different then any litter we have had before! The markings on them are so unique! Just look at how beautiful they all are. 😍 I don’t think I can choose a favorite, do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!
Baby bunnies are always so much fun to have especially on this warm weather. We have little play areas for them outside so we can sit with them and watch them explore! The girls are always so excited when we have new critters around. Especially Libby, bunnies are definitely her favorite!
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