Foster Kitty Love

We decided this spring that we wanted to foster some kitties again! This will be our third set of kitten that we have fostered! Fostering kittens has brought so much joy to the kids and us as a family. It has definitely turned into one of my favorite things to do each year!
Booboo is the black and white one! Christina is the tabby with brown eyes and a little dot on her nose. John is the other tabby with blue eyes! They literally have the cutest faces and the tiniest meows that are adorable!
This bunch of kittens are so loving, but also love to be outside on there own playing around. They love chasing each other around and wrestling. They are also amazing climbers already! They have climbed up to the top of 20ft trees, it’s so crazy to watch! Once they’ve had enough time outside they let you know. They come to our sliding door and sit there meowing and meowing until we let them in.
They love following you around, they follow me all around the barnyard when I do the animals in the morning. They might be tiny but they have no fear of any of the other animals! The other day we went on a walk and they tagged along with us!
I think fostering kittens is one of my favorite things to do. It just brings so much joy and happiness to our family. They are the sweetest bunch and it’s always hard sending them away to their furever homes. I might just have to keep one of these sweet babies!
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