A girl and her kitty!

Our little Libby and  miss Elsa the kitten have the funniest of relationships! Elsa must be a saint because Libby just can’t get enough of her and Elsa just continues to let Libby pick her up and tote her around where ever she goes. I try and separate them thinking that must be what the kitten wants but she comes right back for more!

I decided it was time to transition Libby’s close from summer to fall. Something that is both exciting and painful all at the same time (do you feel me here?!) I love the change of seasons, the excitement of a fresh start and fun new adorable clothes but I am also almost brought to tears about the fact that my little ones will no longer fit into these sweet little clothes that not only represent a size but also a moment, a memory and a big part of their life as my little ones. Do you all sit and cry over the pile of clothes that won’t get to be pulled out again next year like I wanted to? I pushed through though and an organized room and something checked off the list was a little consolation.

The best part of the morning came though when I decided to photograph Libby’s freshly painted doors in her room, now that her room was nice and clean there was reason to celebrate her pretty doors! As soon as I pulled out my phone to snap a few images of the doors Libby jumped right in between me and them! I asked her if she wanted to be in the picture too and she said yes and then grabbed little Elsa! She insisted that she join her for pictures and posed right in front of her pretty doors!

Oh how I wish I could bottle this kind of joy!

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