Candy Crush

Most of you already know about my addiction to candy but if you don’t here’s my confession. I have always been a lover of candy from the time I was very little. I can remember both my father and grandfather taking me out on candy dates! They knew the way to my heart, a candy store filled with all of those bright and pastel pretties would bring a smile to my face! I would get all dolled up from the time I was about 3 or 4 years old, I’d sit at my most likely Barbie make up table and put on way to much makeup and then get into one of my play costume bride or princess dresses and put on my plastic heals and down I’d come ready to be taken out to the candy store!

Not much has changed although I now refrain from the heavy red lipstick and plastic heels, the candy store is still one of my favorite places to visit! I don’t even love to eat candy that much, I am a chocolate girl but will still only eat a couple pieces a day. I just love to be surrounded by candy. It’s a silly thing I know but candy can be so pretty and adorable and I just love to decorate and style photos with it. It makes me happy and reminds me of my childhood! My poor children are just tortured all day with these shiny pastel sweets surrounding them and only get to sample a few here and there (well at least Im teaching them self control right?!)

I am very excited about my recent candy cuteness! I had these adorable mini non-pariels custom made to match our Live Sweet colors! I am always on the hunt for candy that will match my brand and decided to go ahead and have some made from our wonderful local chocolate shop Chocolates By Leopold . These babies are not only the cutest little candies but they are delicious too!! I can’t wait to start using them as little goodie bags for our amazing Live Sweet customers!! I have some super cute ideas for how to package them and will be sharing that with you here soon!! Sweet Life Workshop

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