Getting Settled with a New Puppy!

Getting a new puppy is so exciting and can be overwhelming. We are here to take away the overwhelming factor of bringing a new puppy home! We are going to go over the basic things you may need when bringing your new puppy home.

First, we are going to talk about puppy food. When you get your new puppy you want to make sure whoever you get it from gives you enough food to last about a week or two. For the first week keep them on the same food they were on. The puppy will have fewer tummy troubles while they are transitioning into their new home. If you decide to switch their food over, you need to do it slowly and mix in the food they are already on.

Puppies can be a bit nervous when coming into a new home. Their appetite might not be at its best. We usually keep food and water down all day for the puppy this way she can eat whenever she feels like it and gets more comfortable.

If you are having problems with your new puppy not wanting to eat, then you can add some plain greek yogurt and water to their food. It’s almost like a treat for them so they’ll want to eat it! Also, yogurt had probiotics in it so it can help with tummy upset.

Socializing your new puppy is so important! When you decide to get a new puppy you want to plan it out at a time when you will be home often and can be with your new addition. Spend as much time with them, in the beginning, getting them used to you and their new surroundings.

The kids take turns handling and playing with the puppy to help her get used to others and be social. If you have kids who plan to get involved set certain duties for them right from the beginning. This way the puppy knows that they are going to be involved in her life.

Having other family and friends over at different times is important as well when socializing your puppy. You don’t want them all over at once, as that can be intimidating. Having them over at different times to handle and play with the puppy will help them become more friendly and social.

Socializing your new puppy with other pets in the house should be done slowly. You never want to push a relationship onto your pets. You want to gradually introduce them to each other and always be with them when introducing them to other pets. Some pets may warm up quickly while others can take some time. Just do this slowly so no one gets hurt and your new addition is comfortable.

Having numerous toys with different textures is ideal! Having bones, plush toys, rubbery toys, and ones with squeakers. Puppies love to chew, so make sure you have plenty of toys that way they aren’t going after your furniture or shoes!

Your puppy will try to bite on you and you need to just grab a toy and give them the toy to chew on. From a young age, you want to teach them what they can and can’t chew. If they start to chew something they aren’t supposed to, then grab a toy and give that to them instead.

Housebreaking your puppy you need to be consistent with it, which isn’t my strong suit. We have so many animals in the house that accidents happen and I’m okay with that. You need to be okay with an accident happening because it will. Your puppy is just learning so an accident will happen so just be prepared for that with animal-safe products!

Every time your puppy wakes up take them outside, they usually always have to go after they wake up. If your puppy is roaming around crying usually that is them letting you know they need to go out.

Going outside to play and walk is helpful with this so they get used to the outdoors and going out to the bathroom. When we can’t be with our puppy we always have a safe place for them to be. We have a pen that has her toys, food, water, a bed, and a pee pad. This is so they can use the bathroom and it will stay in one area and not the whole pen.

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