First Ice cream of the year

Last week we went for our first ice cream of the year. It is always a wonderful day when the local ice cream shop opens and we rush to indulge in the sweet creamy sprinkled coated goodness that is soft serve ice cream. Why is it that ice cream in our own homes is just not as good as ice cream that you buy at an ice cream shop, even if you buy hard ice cream it always tastes better scooped by someone else don’t you think. Noah was used yet again as an excuse to have to go get ice cream but I of course was the one who wanted to go most! Seneca joined us for this happy little trip and enjoyed herself a yummy cookie dough flurry. Noah and I kept it plain and simple with our twists in a cone with rainbow sprinkles. It is such a nice little sign of Spring when the ice cream shop opens for the first time of the year. We are still waiting for our favorite ice cream shop the Kool Cow to announce the glorious day of there opening but for now we will head to the also wonderful Antol’s for our ice cream fix. You can be sure this was just the first of many, many, many trips of ice cream indulgence this year. What’s your favorite flavor and do you prefer soft serve or hard ice cream?

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  • JulieYAY Antol’s… Kool Kow tomorrow?!