Fabric Bracelets (Be Creative)

We found this idea yet again on Pinterest it is a great and easy project to do yourself and your kids and makes a fun bracelet to wear yourselves or give as gifts!

To get started you’ll want to use long strips of fabric (about 2ft.+ long), preferably cotton as it’s easy to work with and I like that it frays on the edges a little.

Choose 3 fabric strips and use a clip to hold the fabric in place. Of course, if you have an extra set of hands available, ask for help in holding the fabric. To keep tension on my fabric I put a heavy book on top of the clip.

Loosely braid the fabric. When you get close to the end of your fabric, take a moment to measure the bracelet to your wrist. Since this is a slip on bracelet, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room to wiggle the bracelet over your hand.

Once you have made the bracelet to fit your hand (and because we’re using cotton you can stretch the fabric a little too) remove the clip and hold both ends together and tie it off.

Enjoy! Love UI

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