Don’t follow your dreams, Chase them!

I just love this quote! I think so often we get caught up in our daily life routine that we forget to really live sometimes. I know that means totally different things to everyone maybe it’s finding the love of your life or sitting on the couch cuddling with the love you already found, maybe it’s getting that dream job you have worked so hard for or maybe quitting a job that just isn’t working for you to follow your passion and take that leap or maybe it’s watching your little ones laugh together in the grass while you soak it all in! Whatever it may be for you I hope you are able to stop and remember to chase your dreams sometimes.

For me it’s living my life to the fullest each day and being so thankful for such a sweet life and all those who are in it. I also want to remember to teach Noah to live his life that way, to jump right into whatever it is that he wants and chase all of his dreams to wherever they may take him. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for him and who he will become as he chases after his dreams!

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