Boden Fun

Well we survived the Boden outlet grand opening on Saturday! We headed out early around 8:30am to get to be one of the first 100 people to arrive and we made it, so we got a cute Boden candy bar with a special offer some had $5 coupons and some got free necklaces, thanks for the fun surprise Boden! We had to wait in line for about 15 minutes and then headed in to shop our hearts out! It was very busy with women just reaching and grabbing everywhere, but that’s the fun part. We each grabbed a pile to try on and headed to a corner to steak out our meet up spot. We had the stroller which was great for throwing everything on and in. Noah was a real trooper and hung out amongst the clothes playing angry birds and eating all of the Boedn treats. They had the most adorable cookies decorated in Boden colors with B’s on them and yummy cake balls as well, it was all super cute and fun, it felt like you were at a party (and you know how I love sweets and parties!) and throw shopping in there and things were good! We all tried on a lot of clothes before wearing ourselves out and choosing what was coming home with us. We got some pretty fun buys and then headed next door for yummy salads and sandwiches to give us enough energy to get home. There was very much sleepiness in that car ride home, and our little trooper was out for quite awhile from our day at Boden.

It was a good day but I paid for it today with no energy or drive to get much done, so it was a day of rest and relaxation before we start off another busy week. Hope you all had a nice weekend and thanks Boden for another day of Boden fun!

Love Lindsey

Yummy special Boden treats! Love!

Adorable signs and decor at the new Boden Outlet store!

Our little trooper hangin at the Boden outlet.

This is how we all felt after our shopping spree!

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