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Want an easy snack that is kid friendly and you can grab on the go? These date granola balls are the perfect grab and go snack!

This was an expiramental recipe that i came up with. I love dates and i had been looking at different recipes trying to find one that used dates as the base of the recipe. I also love almonds and coconut so i wanted those to be in the recipe as well. This recipe also called for chia seeds, i had just purchased some and have been trying to find a way to use them. I’ve tried out quite a few different combinations and this turned out to be the perfect recipe. Most of these ingredients for these date granola balls from Target, so any local store really should have them. 

I started by chopping the dates in a food processor and make sure they get chopped up very small. Then add the almonds and start chopping it again. This isn’t pureeing them, but it is chopping them nice and small so they mix together well. Then throw in your chia seeds and the mixture will have a sticky consistency, almost like a paste. Once you are at that paste like consistency then you are going to roll them into balls. When you get them rolled into balls, then you will roll them in the unsweetened shredded cooconut. This will help so the date granola ball isn’t sticky when you pick them up, but also coconut just gives them a yummy flavor!
I usually store these in an air-tight container in the fridge, this helps keep them fresh and last longer. They taste much better cold in my opinion and hold up much better in the fridge. If you decide to go on a day trip or pack them as a snack it is fine if they heat up.  I just think they taste better cold, but everyones preference is different!

These are perfect for an on the go snack, that is one thing i love about protein balls. They are so easy to make, but also so easy to just grab and go. They are also perfect for just a snack to have in between meals that isn’t full of junk. I also just like having a healthy treat around the house that the kids can snack on and not have to worry about whats in them. The kids really enjoy these just as much as i do and they are definitely a staple in our home. 

I dont know about you, but my whole family loves protein balls. We try to have a different type of protein ball on hang at all times so we change them up weekly. Want another yummy protein ball recipe? Here is our recipe for Healthier Peanut Butter Cookie Dough balls that i am sure you are going to love! If you have tried any of our recipes make sure you let us know on Instagram. Tag me in your posts @livesweet and make sure to hashtag #livesweetrecipes.
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