Chores for Every Age!

Let’s talk chores with kids!!

Over the years we have had the kids start helping with various chores so I wanted to share more about that here with all of you, and see what you have your kiddos help with! We have adorable chore charts we fill out- I’ll share that down below!

Having your kids help with chores can not only take some big things off of your plate but also teaches them amazing responsibility, work ethic, the importance of working together as a family and prepares them for things they will need to do as adults. It also often turns hard or yucky jobs into something fun you can do together with your kids or that they can help each other with building those good sibling bonds!

Chores for every age range

Here’s a few chores our kids help with to give you some ideas. 👦🏼Noah (age 12) unloads the dishwasher, helps cook sometimes and clean up the kitchen, cleans up his room, takes out the garbage, hauls things around for his mama that need taking out to the garage, car, etc. walks the dogs. Sprays and wipes down the tables. Helps watch the little kids while I get things done around the house. 👧🏾 Libby (age 7) unloads the dishwasher, takes laundry down to laundry room, feeds and waters bunnies inside and outside, takes dishes to the sink, picks up playroom and mud room. 🧒🏼Finn (age 4) helps take laundry to laundry room, puts shoes away in mud room, takes dishes to sink, cleans up garbage around the house, helps clean up toys around the house, helps out in the barnyard when he’s up for it. 👶🏽 Claire (age 2) Claire is obviously a bit young to do too much but we do have her help put away her shoes, pick up books and toys, throw away her trash and puts her dishes in the sink and she loves to come along and help when we do various animals jobs which she will be able to help with more soon as she gets older!

Today Libby and Finn came out and helped with the barn chores and they both told me they want to be farmers when they grow up which is music to this mamas ears!

These chore charts are super helpful for planning out chores for the week!

Do your kids do chores around your home? Share with me in the comments below!!

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