A Morning on the Farm

I was so excited to share all of these pictures with you from our morning out in the barnyard! We don’t usually all as a family get out in the barnyard, so this morning was extra special. We all gathered together to go out and give the animals some extra love, food, water, and hay because it has been so cold the last few days! The kids all bundled up and came out and had such a blast helping with chores and playing around the barnyard with each other and the animals!

This time of year is extra hard on the farm. With it being so cold out everything freezes. We are lucky that Phil has run electric out to the barn so we have electric water bowls out their, but there are a few spots around the barnyard without electric. So every morning and evening we have to go out and thaw the waters for the animals! Also during these cold months the animals are in need of more food and hay to keep warm, so we make sure they are always having access to this during the cold months!

This is my least favorite time to have animals is in the winter months! I always feel so bad for them having to deal with the cold, but we are thankful for the warm barn, extra hay, the kids helping, other helpers we have come daily, and the time we still get to spend with the animals!

It was so funny while we were out there Claire had found a container of animal crackers I had brought out the day before to give the animals some treats. She decided that she was keeping them all to herself and did not want to share with the animals. I set her up in the window box so the animals wouldn’t try taking them out of her hands. She was so content sitting up there just snacking away on the animal crackers, we all couldn’t help but chuckle at her sitting up there!

This may come to a surprise to you but Phil is definitely not an animal lover! He has definitely grown to start caring for them more over the years and being more helpful with them! His favorite animal of his right now are Hazel and Hattie out two little goats, it was so sweet seeing him holding little Hazel and carrying her around the barnyard.

Even though the animals take lots of work and extra care in the winter I am so thankful we have them! I love all the time we get to spend with them and the family together. So many good lessons are learned, how to properly care for them, love and affection, just really life skills and lessons! The animals give us an excuse to spend extra time with them as a family!

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  • Missy DollahonSweet, sweet babes. They grow so fast. <3

  • LindseyThey sure do!!