Baby Animal Play Area!

I’ve been dreaming of a special little animal corner for some time now. A place where we could contain the sweet fluffy babies in our life that was also easy to keep clean.

We have a play mat by at Little Nomad that we love so when I started planning the space out I knew right away that we had to use a Little Nomad play mat for the flooring. It is so comfy for the kids to sit on, much safer for the little animals and so easy to clean for me, and I am so in love with how cute it looks! I ended up finding this pet fencing on Amazon but have also seen similar styles at Home Goods. This is a free-standing fence that you can move around which I love so we didn’t have to screw it to the wall and I can take it down anytime I want. 

I had a big floor cushion that was bright pink and didn’t match the area but was super comfy so I covered it with a blanket and added some cute pillows and a floor pouf to make the space in cozier and give a place for us to sit when we visit with our fluffy babies.

These baby bunnies have been more fun then I could have ever imagined and we’ve had the chicks in here quite a bit too! We will be hatching more chicks again soon so I’m so glad to have this space set up. I love when you have a vision in your head and you get to see it come to life. This little space isn’t much but it has been one of our favorite spots to hang out lately!

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baby animal play area for bunnies

baby animal play area for bunnies
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