My favorite diaper ever!!

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You know when you find a product that you love so much that you just want to shout it from the rooftops “I love it, I love it, I love it!” That is exactly how I felt when I heard that Pampers was coming out with their new Pampers Pure Collection of diapers and wipes. I was a part of seeing this product come to life, but the truth is you never know how much you are going to like a product until you get your hands on it yourself and test it out. Before I even put a Pampers Pure Protection diaper on Finn or had a chance to use the new Aqua Pure wipes on him, I knew a few things about the product:

  • I knew that I loved the materials they were made of (or also in this case, weren’t made of)
  • I knew I loved how they looked with their fun and sweet designs.
  • I knew that they felt soft to the touch for my skin, which meant good things for my babes.


Now I can share with you all the additional reasons I love them not only because of all the facts behind how they’re made, but because I’ve had some time to test them out on sweet Finny.

So before I go on, here’s a little more about the diapers – Pampers Pure Protection diapers are the first product that combines premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials with Pampers trusted leakage and dryness protection. The diapers are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, natural rubber latex or the 26 allergens identified by the European Union.   

I mentioned I was able to be a part of the early stages of learning about these products. It was so wonderful to get to go out to Cincinnati and learn all about how and why the Pampers Pure Collection were created. While I was there, we got to see the ins and outs of the new collection and I was so impressed with all of thought that was put into creating these products, especially for moms who want the very best for their babies with sensitive skin. One of my favorite hands-on experiments involved wearing a different glove on each of my hands. After moving them around for a minute, I could feel that one hand was sweaty and uncomfortable, and one was not. This was to show the breathability of the Pampers Pure Protection diaper versus competitors’ diapers. I was blown away by the difference and how uncomfortable the other diaper brand must feel on our babies’ bottoms. That experiment alone sold me on the Pampers Pure Protection diaper, but there are so many more components that I love. 

I must say I am most excited about how soft and delicate the Pampers Pure Protection diapers are against Finn’s tender bottom. Finny has such sensitive skin and he gets irritated at the simplest things, but not with these new diapers, they just feel and fit better than any diaper I have ever used! You can imagine what a relief this is for both Finn and me, and why I want to shout my love for them from the rooftops so that you too can wrap your babies bum in such a delicate, thoughtfully-made diaper.

The material is seriously so soft, it makes me so happy to be able to provide such comfort for my little man without having to compromise on protection. So let’s talk protection for one minute, like all Pampers diapers, the Pampers Pure Protection diapers offer such amazing protection that you don’t need a daytime diaper and a separate nighttime diaper for extra-long protection. Pure diapers offer so much protection you can use the same diaper for both night and day, and after testing them I can say this is 100% true! Finn would even occasionally leak through nighttime diapers as he is a thirsty guy but these diapers have kept him dry and left his skin un-irritated through the long nights and during the day. 

I have also been longing for one wipe for all of our needs for forever now. I use wipes for absolutely everything and I’ve wanted something that I can use on our hands, faces and they still have the appropriate things to keep that pH Balance right on those baby tushes and that is exactly what these new Pure Aqua wipes provide! They are also nice and thick and soft making them my favorite wipes ever! We now have them all over our house and use them for everything – making my life easier!

There are so many amazing things about the new collection. I can honestly say that I feel like they were developed just for me because they have all of the things I have been wanting in a diaper and wipes since Noah was born over nine years ago. I’m so excited that such an amazing product was designed while I still have babies in diapers. 


I feel like such a happy mama to know that I feel good about this choice because of sweet Finn’s sensitive skin. I am so thrilled that our new little one will get welcomed home with only Pampers Pure when they arrive (give me all the tiny newborn diapers!) I hope that you will all give the new Pampers Pure Collection a try and that you too will love it as much as we do. These diapers and wipes are a huge answer to my mama and baby needs and I could not be happier with it!

XO Lindsey

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