Babies and Puppies Oh My!

Claire and puppies

There is nothing cuter than babies and puppies (especially together) am I right?! Every morning I gather Libby and Claire to go downstairs to spend some fun playtime with the puppies.  

CLaire and puppies

My sweet Claire has been so fascinated with our puppy family. So we have been helping her learn how to gently interact with them. She definitely tends to be a hair puller. I have her watch from a safe distance when I see her getting a little too handsy.

Sweet puppy
learning to be gentle

Claire is still learning how to play with the puppies. Though, I could not resist snapping a few photos of them together! Our puppies have grown so much since my last photo shoot with them and Claire.

claire learning to play with the puppies

They’re going on four to five weeks now and their little personalities are coming out and shining bright! I love having the opportunity to teach my little ones how to love and gently care for our fluffy critters. It makes it so much easier in the comfort of our home right from the start. These moments with my sweet babies and puppies truly do melt my heart. 

claire and puppies

I know that in time Claire will become sweet and gentle to our animals. As she grows and learns more, she will understand. My heart is so joyful to see her have an interest in the puppies. Each of the kids has a special way of bonding with our pets. I am excited to see Claire’s love and interactions blossom with each of the animals.

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