Another Wonderful Boden Warehouse Sale!

What a fun day we had yesterday! With my comrads by my side we headed out to the fabulous Boden warehouse to try on and shop to our hearts content! We had a big group of wonderful girlies for this trip, there ended up being 13 of us to take on the sale. I got to go in a half hour early to snap some shots of the sale for Boden so now you can see a little bit of the wonderfulness a warehouse sale has to offer.

The sale is certainly not for the faint of heart, the line to get in goes all around the parking lot & I got to see the rush of people come through the doors in their excitement to find all of the wonderful deals that the Boden sale had to offer, everyone is always kind and helpful though so don’t be scared to join us, just be prepared to shop your heart out!

I just love seeing all of Boden’s wonderful, fun & colorful patterns piled together, they make me smile!

Our plan of attack for the sale is always to run around and check out all the tables and grab some favorites to try on. We fill up a bag or two and our arms often, until we can’t move any longer, then we hit the changing area as a group to model all of our finds and figure out what we will be taking home! This is the best part as we all share things we find , laugh, try on & try on some more while filling our Boden bags to the brim before we go out and look for more! The sale is more than shopping for us, it is a great time with great friends and making fun memories to laugh about for a long time!

Thank you Boden for another great day & lots of wonderful clothes and shoes to add to our wardrobe, we can’t wait to do all again next time!


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  • ChristieGreat pictures! It WAS a fabulous day!! 🙂

  • SenecaI agree with Christie….It was a fabulous day and we all got so many wonderful clothes!! I can’t wait to wear all my new outfits! 🙂

  • MattieHow do you find out when the Boden Warehouse sales are taking place in Pittston. I would love to go but I never know when they are.

  • Theresa wernerPlease send me notice of warehouse & outlet sales.

  • Grace EvansHi-
    How do you find out when the Boden Warehouse Sales are taking place? Will they post the dates at the outlet? I went to one in 2011, but could never find the next time it happened.