A New Boden Warehouse Sale!!!!

My friends and I are so excited for the new Boden sale, we always make it a full day worth of shopping and hanging out! This next one is set for Saturday, August 13 , I’m not positive on the times biut usually it is from 11-4. It is down in Pittston, PA (around 3 hours from Binghamton)

This is not for the young at heart, this would be compared to Black Friday shopping. It is tables lining the warehouse with clothes piled high on each one. To be able to get in during the first or second round of letting people in, you need to get there early and wait in line. The last time, we got there around 9. WE always take a packed lunch and snacks and eat in the car. Then we’ll go back in one last time to see if we missed anything, and of course we end up finding much more!

I love Boden! Their Women’s stuff is beautiful, and their kids stuff is just so cute! The quality is amazing as well, I can wash Noah’s things over and over and they still look brand new!

Once I get a time and address I will post again but I wanted you to mark your calendars!

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