A fresh Start

On Sunday evening I wrote a  post about my heart for creating an adoption community here on my blog. I shared about it on IG and some of you got over here to take a peek at it but many of you tried and our blog had gone down for some reason. I reached out to my blog hosting company and while trying to fix the problem they made a huge error and deleted the last years worth of my blog posts. It was an accident and I unfortunately didn’t have my own backup because they carry backups for me so I didn’t have to. I was quite devastated when I found out obviously as a years worth of work and memories of my writings are lost but I chose to step back and look at the situation and make the best of it. I have so many things in my life to be thankful for and although this is sad and creates a lot of work for me it is not the failing health of a family or friend and we are all safe and loved, I had to put things into perspective and step back to see what is most important.  I of course pouted and called all my girlfriends and had a good whine fest but then I decided to move on and start fresh with a brand new blog template and a complete refresh! Life is hard and things are thrown at us all the time that aren’t fun and just suck but it’s how we handle them that makes up our life, right?! 

So here I am just two days later with a brand new beautiful blog thanks to many, many hours of work by myself and my wonderful team! We still have lots to do to put everything back together and we have big plans for this beautiful space in the coming months, but I wanted to start by saying thank you for being here and for understanding as we try and pick ourselves back up from this mess. 

My plan is to go back and post at least one or two posts per month for the last year so that poor Finn’s first year isn’t completely gone from the blog, so you will notice a lot of blog posts going up that will be dated for last year so that things will still be in chronological order. I hope you love our new space and feel like home here. I want it to be a space full of love and joy for people to come and smile. Because we all have bad days and sometimes you just want to look at a chubby baby and a pink pig and know that there’s still good in the world, and we want to be that place for you!

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  • LauI’m so sorry to here this. I can only imagine the frustration to see all that work and effort you put on every post be gone like that, but I’m glad you chose to move on and accept that it’s not tragic. And that you will be just fine without it. Let me tell you my story quickly. I LOVE my hair, I want it to trim it for my daughters bday last week, I went to the fist hair salon I came across bc it was a last min decision, I have been braiding my hair since then because she messed it up so bad, I can’t do anything to it. Not even a bun . I’m 5 months pregnant. I said, you know my hair will grow faster due to my pregnancy and it’s just hair, i will be just fine… and I am 🙂 

  • AnnetteRock ⭐️