15 DIY Pastel Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Fall!

Think outside the jack-o-lantern!

Looking for some ideas on how to incorporate all of the sweet pastel colors into your fall decorating? We love to use pastels all year round so we have compiled a list of our all-time favorite DIY pastel pumpkin painting ideas to help you get creative this season!

Black cat on pastel pumpkins

Stretch your imagination with our TOP 15 pastel pumpkin painting ideas!

Pumpkin Painting Idea #1:

This idea is perfect if you want faces on your pumpkins but don’t want the hassle and mess of carving! Additionally, The House that Lars Built includes a full tutorial, including templates for their faces!

Pastel painted pumpkin faces
Pastel Pumpkin Faces by The House that Lars Built

Pumpkin Painting Idea #2:

Can you think of a better combination than spooky words and pastel pumpkin stems? The pumpkins from The Sweetest Digs are made using Sharpies for the words!

Cute no carve pastel painted pumpkins
The Cutest No Carve Pastel Pumpkins by The Sweetest Digs

Pumpkin Painting Idea #3:

We are obsessed with these 90’s patterned pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life! These pumpkins are so colorful and fun decorated with ghosts and bats for Halloween! As a bonus, this post also includes a downloadable pattern for the pumpkins!

Painted 90's Style Patterned Pumpkins
90’s Patterned Pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life

Pumpkin Painting Idea #4:

Can we talk about how beautiful these pumpkins are from Kastles?? Surprisingly, they’re pretty simple to make! To create this gorgeous masterpiece use your favorite wrapping paper and Mod Podge!

Painted Floral Pumpkins DIY
Floral Pumpkins from Kastles

Pumpkin Painting Idea #5:

These sleepy pumpkins from Hello Central Avenue are perfect for decorating the kids’ bedroom! These precious pumpkins feature the most dreamy eyelashes and the prettiest sparkly stems, as a result, they brighten up any room!

Cloud Inspired Painted Pumpkins
Cloud Inspired Pumpkin by Hello Central Avenue

Pumpkin Painting Idea #6:

I may have squealed when I found these Squash Bunnies by Handmade Charlotte! They are so, so cute! This idea can be used on regular pumpkins, but what a great idea to paint Butternut Squash for fall!

Butternut Squash Bunnies for Halloween
Butternut Squash Bunnies by Handmade Charlotte

Pumpkin Painting Idea #7:

If you like using watercolor, these pumpkins are for you! Rachel from Lines Across will show you exactly how to get these watercolor paints to stay looking good!

Watercolor Tie Dye Pumpkins
Watercolor Pumpkins from Lines Across

Pumpkin Painting Idea #8:

This unique idea is one of my favorites by Studio DIY. These delicious little donut pumpkins are beyond adorable! There’s nothing like frosting and sprinkles to take pumpkin decorating to the next level!

Painted Donut Pumpkins
Donut Pumpkins by Studio DIY

Pumpkin Painting Idea #9:

Under a decorating time crunch? Creating unique fall decor doesn’t have to be a chore! For example, this DIY project might be the easiest on our list! Paper & Stitch make these pumpkins look like they are dipped using balloons! Most importantly, these pumpkins can be created in 60 seconds or less!

Balloon Dipped Painted Pumpkins
Balloon Dipped Pumpkins by Paper & Stitch

Pumpkin Painting Idea #10:

Lombard and Fifth have an Ombre Pumpkin tutorial and the final product is simply breathtaking. These are a beautiful pastel addition to your fall home decor! Additionally, this post contains several photos and full directions on how to achieve the perfect colors!

Ombre Pink Pastel Pumpkin Decor
Ombre Pumpkin Decor by Lombard & Fifth

Pumpkin Painting Idea #11:

For All Things Pretty stayed true to their company name when creating these beauties. These pumpkins are truly All Things Pretty! These were inspired by Rifle Paper Co. prints and I seriously could not love them more! They are so dainty and dreamy, and best of all, pastel!

Pretty Floral Painted Pumpkins
Rifle Paper Co. inspired Pumpkins by For All Things Pretty

Pumpkin Painting Idea #12:

We love the creativity shown off in this pumpkin project by the staff at Martha Stewart Living! As a result, I’m dreaming of a pumpkin painting party here at Live Sweet!

Painted Pumpkin Ideas, Ice Cream Pumpkin
Painted Pumpkin Ideas by Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Painting Idea #13:

In short, plaid + pumpkins = happiness. Talk about the perfect pair! Vintage Meets Glam provides a full DIY tutorial and supply list you’ll need to make these!

Painting a Plaid Pumpkin
Plaid Pumpkins by Vintage Meets Glam

Pumpkin Painting Idea #14:

We love a good splattered pumpkin! For instance, this one by A Kailo Chic Life is super cute and easy to create! She gets these perfect splatters with a paint pen!

Neon Stem Pumpkins
Neon Stem Pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life

Pumpkin Painting Idea #15:

Finally, we are sharing our very own Live Sweet Pumpkin Project with you! This one uses Washi Tape to make the sweetest patterned pumpkin but you can use your own style of tape to personalize your pumpkins however you’d like! So many possibilities!

A Sweet Way to Decorate a Pumpkin
A Sweet Way to Decorate a Pumpkin by Live Sweet

We hope you loved all of these awesome projects! Clearly, a DIY pastel-painted pumpkin needs to be on your Fall to-do list! Are you planning on trying any of these fun ideas? Please let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!!

Happy Decorating!

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15 DIY pumpkin painting ideas for fall pinterest
15 DIY pumpkin painting ideas for fall pinterest
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