The Better Diaper Challenge with Libby

This blog post is sponsored by Pampers Pure but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I first heard about the new Pampers Pure diapers, I was a little skeptical. I had been using Honest diapers and was liking them and wasn’t sure I needed to make a switch even though we did sometimes have leaks. I really wanted to see how well they worked myself and why they were better for my babies sensitive skin. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Pampers headquarters where I saw some very interesting experiments showing how the diapers worked and how they were actually so much better then Honest diapers in many ways. The thing that impressed me most was an experiment we did that showed just how sweaty the Honest diaper made babies feel, whereas the Pampers Pure diaper was so breathable while also offering superior protection! I was pretty shocked and also pretty excited to have been introduced to such a great diaper for my babies.

The Pampers Pure collection is made with premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials, which is so important to me. I love that they are made without parabens, chlorine bleaching, fragrance, latex(natural rubber) and the 26 allergens identified by the European Union. The prints are super cute which is an added bonus and they really are the softest diaper I have ever felt which makes me so happy since they are the one thing that is up against my babies’ skin literally 24 hours a day! I can honestly say that I will always recommend Pampers Pure to all mamas for their babies from here on out, I couldn’t be happier with them for both Claire and Finn and I want to see all of your babies have the same gentle but amazing protection.

Libby and I did some fun experiments with Pure vs. Honest diapers ourselves and videoed them and are sharing them below, they’re pretty informative and pretty funny so I hope you enjoy them and can really see how awesome the Pure diapers are! I don’t compromise on anything when it comes to my babies and now I can truly see that I’m not compromising at all when it comes to their diapers!


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