Pretty and Delicious Pink Cookies


I am such a cookie fanatic, especially cookies that both look and taste delicious! I think about cookies a lot, like a really lot, definitely way more then it’s healthy to think about cookies and when I’m not thinking about them and planning my next baking session I’m actually eating them. Anyway you get the gist, and you can only imagine my excitement when I came upon this amazing Drop Sugar Cookie recipe on @raisinguprubies instagram page by @luluthebaker. I knew immediately that I must make them. I love almost everything about sugar cookies, I love how they taste, I love how they look, I love the frosting you put on them, but I hate making them because there is too many steps and I get bored easily, so once they enter the refrigerator to chill I can be almost certain that they will never end up in the oven because I will have moved onto something else by the time they are ready to be rolled out.

This recipe solves all of my sugar cookie problems because it does not need to be refrigerated or rolled out or cut or anything, that’s right you just mix the dough together and scoop them onto a tray to bake! Tada! Whip up some super simple traditional butter cream frosting and you have yourself some deliciousness to share or eat all by yourself depending on your mood!


Libby helped me make this batch so I decided to have some fun and turn some of the cookies and frosting pink! I just added a little food coloring in both and mixed them well. It’s the little things that bring a smile to your face right?! Like pink sugar cookies!! Head over to Lulu The Baker to see this amazing recipe and get baking loves!


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