Mermaid Punch

I am seriously having so much fun creating stuff for mermaid month! I’m so sad July is almost over, I am really going to miss creating all these fun recipes. This mermaid punch could not be any easier, it is so simple, fun, and so pretty! I make punch for the kids and when we have parties pretty often. I use different ingredients for those and it definitely doesn’t turn out as beautiful as this did. I had many people reach out when I make it asking for the recipe, this isn’t the normal recipe I used but this is just as delicious!

I loved putting this mermaid twist on it and giving it some gorgeous colors. This would be perfect for any girl party and also just a treat for an afternoon. This is super fun and simple, you can just grab the ingredients and keep them on hand. I hope you all enjoy this and I would love to see yours when you make it! It’s just too gorgeous to not snap a picture of!


  • Blue Hawaiian Punch
  • Sprite (Clear)
  • White and Pink Sherbet
  • Mermaid Sprinkles


  1. Choose a pretty color festive bowl for your mermaid punch
  2. Fill the bowl about halfway with the blue Hawaiian punch
  3. Scoop several scoops of white and pink sherbet into the bowl
  4. Pour sprite into the bowl over the ice cream
  5. Add several more scoops over sherbet to make it look pretty
  6. Sprinkle with festive mermaid sprinkles
  7. Serve with a big ladle
  8. Enjoy!

I would serve this punch into some clear or see-through cups so you can see the punch through it. I think this is a fun way to show off how gorgeous this punch is.

When I was purchasing the ingredients I couldn’t find just white and pink sherbet, so I purchased the one with white, pink, and orange and just didn’t use the orange. You could just use Vanilla ice cream for this, but the sherbet flavors really compliment the punch and sprite so well!

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  • PaigeThis recipe is not very discriltive….there are two different types of blue Hawaiian Punch and i don’t see any pink and white sherbet…I ended up getting the publix brand raspberry sherbet because at least it’s pink…. More descriptive ingredients list would have been helpful I just hope it turns out ok!

  • CrisHow much ch does it make? How much of each ingredient??

  • LindseyHi Cris,
    You can measure these all to your desired amount depending on how many people you are serving!