Iced Mermaid Tea Recipe by Live Sweet

Our mermaid tea in a cute tumbler

I am so excited to share this sweet recipe with you beautiful ladies because I know you are going to love it as much as I do! I wanted to create something for women while I was working on these mermaid recipes and I just love a yummy ice tea for summer so of course, I had to make an Iced Mermaid Tea recipe for yall. This recipe can also be made hot, so it would be perfect in the wintertime as well so it’s really up to preference. I can’t do much caffeine because it makes me very jittery, so I usually use decaf. This is perfect because then the kids can enjoy this treat with me and I can make it at night time if I’d like!

Showing the lavender syrup that i use in this recipe

I got the idea of the iced mermaid tea recipe from a London Fog which is a hot tea made with Earl Grey. I love a London Fog so I figured why not make a fun iced version of it! It came out so yummy and I figured since it has the lavender in it, it is perfect for the mermaid theme.

our cute Live Sweet mermaid peg dolls that we handmake, it goes with the mermaid theme drink.
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The type of tea i used in the recipe

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