Youtube Launch!

This week, a long time dream of mine has come true! The world of youtube has always fascinated me. It’s a closer look into our lives that you can’t capture from just photos! These videos are such a sweet way to capture memories around our farm and to share all of the unforgettable moments.

A few years ago, we started putting Vlogs out on Youtube but things got too busy. It was around the time we were going through Claire’s adoption process. Now that Noah and Libby are older, they are so into recording and giving commentaries around the farm. They are excited about helping with the videos, so it’s really the perfect timing!

The first video we launched captures a walk to the back lake with the baby goats! The kids skipped rocks and jumped in the puddles while the baby goats played on the bank. We love taking the baby farm animals and pets out on walks because it helps them get some of that energy out! Libby also enjoyed picking up the camera to catch Lindsey and the family as they skipped rocks! It was such a fun time on our hobby farm.

Click here to watch the kids Taking Hazel and Hattie the Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats for a Walk!

In the next video I take you on a tour of the new blueberry patch that was just planted this year. You can also see my dad’s awesome garden where the kids help pick peas and lettuce. There’s a special surprise that Finn finds along the way!

Click here to watch us Harvesting peas from Papa’s garden! (and a peek at our blueberry bushes!)

Today, we released the most recent video, a tour of the enclosure that Phil made for the Silkie and Polish Bantam chickens. Click here to view the video and learn the difference between the different types of chickens in the new enclosure.

Stay tuned for a video every Wednesday and Friday at 2:30 pm set! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any!

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