Would you Rather…???

Print out these would you rather questions and enjoy answering them with your family!

Would you Rather…

~ watch a holiday parade or be in one?

~spend the holidays on a tropical beach or in a mountain cabin?

~sing in a holiday pageant or go caroling?

~watch 24 hours of holiday movies or listen to 24 hours of Christmas music?

~ spend Christmas visiting relatives or have them visit you?

~ keep a pet reindeer or a snowman in your room?

~ ski to the store or ride in a sleigh?

~ drink hot cocoa or eat a snow cone?

~wear a santa hat or elf shoes all day??

~eat a gingerbread house or live in one?

~get one big gift or many small gifts?

~spend all day making a gift or spend your own money to buy one?

~open your presents in a big rush or take time with each one?

~be surprised or surprise someone else?

~frost 100 cookies or wrap 100 gifts?

~go without scissors or tape when wrapping gifts?

-American Girl Magazine December 2007

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