Whimsical Floor Sofa

I am totally nesting (just ask my poor husband who comes home daily to furniture out on the porch and things totally rearranged) it is a bit crazy around here but I am loving getting some big projects accomplished. Last week I moved all of Noah’s toys out of the living and into the entry room of our house which will now be the toy holding room. I am trying to make room for baby things like swings, bassinets, diaper changing area and such and of course want to make everything look pretty in the process. I wanted to share one of my newest little corners that I just finished.

Several months ago I was browsing Pinterest and came across this image of an adorable floor sofa, I immediately fell in love with it and new I had to create one in our home! Since then I have been searching all over for the right pieces to make it come together, I had a hard time finding the bottom cushion, I finally found it yesterday at Pier 1 it is a bench cushion and is perfect. I then took two old quilts that I found at my grandmothers and folded and laid them on topv(I am so excited to have used something of hers in this project, it makes it so special). I then took some matching pillows and animal pillows and set them on the quilts. I made a cute little fabric and ribbon garland and hung it above to create that extra special look and decorated the shelf above it with some of my favorite things! I even used some of my Love Mae fabric stickers to cuten up the wall. I just love child like, whimsical  and cozy areas and this spot is all of those things! I will just love sitting here with my little ones reading books and cuddling!

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  • SenecaI’m seriously in love with this! So beautiful! It’s so neat that you were able to use your grandma’s quilts, I know she would love to see them used like this!