We’ve been matched!! Adoption timeline for baby number four

We’ve been matched! Three of the most exciting words you can hear in the adoption world and the words I’ve been playing over in my head for the last 7 months since we started our process, praying for the day they’d come. Remember that mama I shared about with you all a few weeks back who was viewing our profile?! Well she chose us! She chose us to be the family of her precious babe forever, such an amazing honor! We feel blessed beyond words and are all bursting at the seams with excitement! Our sweet babe is due June 16th so we have just three months to get everything ready and I am in full on nesting mode around here! I want to thank you all for your continued love, support and prayers, they mean so much to us and we are so happy to have you on this beautiful adoption journey with us!(Gender reveal coming soon!)
July 2017- felt God was calling us to adopt again
August 2017- began research on a home study and adoption agency
September 2017- started our home study process
September-November 2017- decided to go with an adoption consultant this time around
September thru December 2017- filled out mounds of paperwork, had physicals, finger printing and got all clearances
December 1st 2017- had our actual home visit
End of December 2017- became home study approved
Beginning of January- finished adoption profile album and submitted paperwork to adoption consultant and became an official waiting family
January- saw a birth mother situation we felt called to present to, got all excited, found out several days later we hadn’t been chosen
January and first half of February- were presented with several birth mother situations that we did not feel called to present to
February 12th- presented with birth mama situation that immediately felt a bond to, she said she was hoping for a family who loved pets and being outdoors(my immediate thought was, this is 100% our family, it’s like she hand picked us without even knowing we existed) Fil and prayed about presenting to her and asked others to pray as well
February 13th- decided to put it in God’s hands and let Him choose for us, filled out all the necessary paperwork and gathered our profile and other needed documents to mail
February 14th- on Valentine’s Day Fil overnighted all the paperwork to the agency
February 16th- was told presentation to birth mama was to be happening of this day which was also Libby’s unicorn birthday party. Spent the day enjoying our party girl, and friends and family and praying hard for mama as she viewed profiles
February 21st- found out profiles had never been presented to birth mama but that she should be viewing them Friday February 23rd instead, so we continued praying
February 27th- got an email while Fil and I were traveling in Palm Springs for a work conference for me that birth mama had narrowed down to a few couples and we were one of them and that she’d like to schedule a call with us first.
February 28th- left a class at conference to chat with birth mama for the first time, had a great conversation and set up a call for the next day to chat again and include Fil on the call this time
March 1st- Match day!! Had a nice conversation with both birth mama and birth father, Fil and I. After some time of sharing stories and chatting about life and kids they shared that they had chosen us to be the parents of their precious babe!
March 2nd- agency confirmed match and sent over paperwork, we told the kids we were matched and called family and friends to share the good news!
March 9th- sent in paperwork and financials confirming everything for match
April- scheduling a visit with birth mother and father to meet one time before baby is born
June 16th- baby due date
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