Welcome to UI’s Playhouse

Some of you may think of a playhouse as something you made in the back yard as a child with some old lumber and nails, others had the fun tree forts that you had to climb a ladder and recite a secret password before entering, while others just used blankets and pillows to make that special hideaway. Maybe your father or your grandfather built you a little victorian playhouse that you spent your days in or you crafted one out of card board boxes and Duct tape. However you did it, most of us have had some kind of playhouse in our life that was a special place to play, share with friends, pretend, imagine or just hideaway from it all.

When we started our relocation out to UI’s new field were we do all of our outdoor shooting now I was searching for that something perfect to store props, have a place for clients to change or grab a snack. We knew we didn’t want to build a large building because pretty soon we will be putting in a new studio out next to the field so I started looking into purchasing a playhouse or shed to use. After lots of searching I couldn’t find the perfect thing. I knew I wanted lots of windows and something large enough to have a little bit of furniture but not to big that you didn’t get that cozy child like feel when you step inside. I ended up going to check out an old shed that was on a piece of property my father owns that was no longer in use. It needed lots of work as it had no door and needed several other repairs besides a big dose of character but I decided to take on the project. I gutted the inside, cleaned it all out and picked Aqua, Red, White & Brown for the colors. The wonderful Jessica Kollar came and painted the inside for me with fun stripes, polka dots and a fabulous diamond floor. I then got some fabulous fabrics for the curtains and started shopping for all things Aqua and Red from furniture to stuffed animals, dishes, play food, candy and more!

After lots of hard work and help from friends and family it all paid off with our gorgeous new UI playhouse! It is the perfect place to get ready, grab a snack and let your children play during their UI portrait session. I wanted to create a happy, cozy place to let imaginations run wild! I hope you will all be able to come see our playhouse soon.

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