Vanilla Chai Popsicles

Vanilla chai tea is one of my favorite drinks so I knew I had to try a popsicle with it. I knew it would be such fun and I have just been loving the Stash Vanilla Chai tea. It is great cold or warm, I really enjoy it cold as a latte! I thought these would be perfect so I could eat them whenever throughout the day and the same with the kids since I don’t have to worry about caffeine since they are decaf! These were very easy to prepare, but waiting for each layer to freeze is the lengthy part.

If you plan on making these make sure you plan to have a decent amount of time. So if you are just sitting around or not having too crazy of a day you should be in the clear. You have to freeze each layer for about an hour so it can take a bit of time.

Now that have made these fun striped ones I plan on trying them with tons of different flavors. I love the stripe look and they are just so fun to look at, but also make! These are super yummy! They aren’t too sweet, but they have a really good flavor to them from the tea and that little bit of creaminess from the milk and heavy whipping cream.

I like to think of these as a special girls night or girls day treat. They just look so pretty and are so fun and festive to share with your girlfriends. They will absolutely love them and will enjoy every lick!


  • 1 3/4 cups Whipping Cream
  • 1 1/4 cups Milk
  • 3 tbsp Sugar


  1. Start by steeping your decaf vanilla chai tea. ( I used the Stash brand and they can be ordered on Amazon if you can’t find them in your local store. I did them decaf because then I could eat them any time of day and my kiddos could eat them too without me having to worry about the Caffeine!)
  2. Let your tea cool to room temp or put it in the refrigerator to cool faster
  3. Mix together whipping cream, milk, and sugar. Stir well. Add roughly 2 tablespoons of the milk mixture to the tea mixture and stir.
  4. Now comes the fun but lengthy part, to get these to look all cute and layered you have to let them freeze for a good bit of time between layers. I’d say at least an hour per layer.
  5. I made the mistake of putting my first layer in without the popsicle stick, I didn’t add it until the second layer and then when I pulled my popsicles out most of them didn’t bring the first layer with them. So make sure your stick gets in your first layer.
  6. Then just alternate between the tea layer and the milk layer, freezing each layer before adding the next.

These turned out so pretty and so tasty, I just love them!I think they would make the perfect addition to a girl’s night in, summer tea party, don’t you?! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @livesweet and #livesweetrecipes

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