Updating The Blog

I hope you all had a wonderful end to February and are excited for March and the fact that Spring will be coming soon! I feel guilty about the lack of posting going on here as I love to keep you all updated but I must say this being a new mom thing has taken it out of me a little bit more than I had remembered! I am loving it so much and wouldn’t have it any other way but a few things have had to take the back burner while I focus on being mommy to two cuties instead of just one!

I have also been taking a technical blogging class (why I think taking online classes with a newborn baby is a good idea I will never know, but I didn’t learn my lesson because I am taking two more during the month of March, more on that later!) So if you take a peek around you will see that there are a few little changes to the blog. I am just trying to work out all the little kinks and learn a little more about the details behind the blog so that I can run it better, it has been a little challenging as I am horrible about technical stuff but very fun and Im loving being able to make fun changes myself without pulling my hair out!

Because I hate to do a post without a pretty image to go along with it I thought I would share a little bouquet with you. I went to Wegmans for the first time in a few months and had to spoil myself with some fresh flowers to make a  bouquet, oh how I have missed having fresh flowers in the house! This little rooster pitcher is one of my favorites, he is so cheery isn’t he?

I have lots of new baby pictures and a few other fun projects to share here with you soon so hopefully I will get some sleep this weekend and a few things done and will be able to check back in here a little more often again.

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