Pearl is starting to do a lot of exploring outside these days. We have an apple tree in our yard that she loves to hang out under and nibble away on apples. She usually spends about an hour or two outside every morning and then comes back in for a morning nap and hanging with us, then usually another afternoon nap while Miss Libby naps. We try not to let Peal out to much during the sunniest part of the day as she is prone to sunburn with her sensitive pink skin. That’s why pigs roll in the mud, to help protect their skin from burning. Our Pearl however doesn’t care much for the mud so we keep her out of the sun during prime time burning hours and then let her back outside to play all evening!




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  • LindsayI love seeing all of your beautiful photos and am so glad I found your instagram! I have a couple of questions. What kind of pig is Pearl? Was she hard to house train? How big does she get full grown? How do you like having her in your house? I think she’s so cute and would someday like to look into getting one. Thanks! Lindsay