Up Close and Pearlsonal with Pearl the Pig

Have you seen our new weekly series called “Up close and Pearlsonal with Pearl the Pig” where I will be sharing pictures of Pearl every Monday morning?! I thought it might be a fun uplifting way to start your week. You know like why not wake up Monday mornings, roll out of bed, grab your coffee and instead of wishing you were back in bed  you can look at adorable piggy pictures! I will probably even throw in some old baby piglet pictures every now and then to get you squealing!


Breanne asked the question last week: I was just wondering what kind of pig Pearl is?
I am not super educated on all the different kinds of pigs there are but our breeder NY Teacup Piggies called Pearl a Teacup Pig. I know many say that tea cup pigs don’t exist but I think it’s just a fancy way of saying a smaller sized miniature pig. I’ve heard many things saying that miniature pigs range in size from around 15lbs to 100lbs. I am assuming tea cup is just a way to describe a pig who stays on the smaller size. I of course can’t know for sure how big Pearl will be full grown yet as she still has a little bit of growing to do since she’s only 8 months old but she seems to have reached almost her mature size and is sticking at around 20lbs now so I would say she will probably stay under around 30lbs which is an awesome size!

I would love to hear from you below if you have any questions about what it’s like having a pet pig and then the following week I will answer one of your questions. Can’t wait to share more next Monday! Hope you’re loving this!

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  • Lauren CraneHow much did she weigh when you got her??

  • SAMANTHA PEACOCKI’ve been wanting to purchase a pig her size. Where exactly did you get her from? I live in South Florida, so would I have to travel to pick one up? Thank you for your input.