Unicorn Trail Mix Recipe!

Who else has a thing for pastel food?! I like my food to match my decor! I love trail mixes but frankly can’t handle the primary colors and prefer certain snacks over others so I decided to make my own and make it all adorable by making it with pastel treats and cute shaped crackers. With the fun colors it reminded me of a unicorn so I decided to call it Unicorn trail mix. Now that I’ve created this super fun version of trail mix I can’t wait to try more with all different kinds of snacks. I’ve included a list of what is in our version of Unicorn trail mix so that you can give it a try. I think this would make super fun party favors at a birthday or for Halloween treats too!

Possible fun ingredients

Princess Goldfish
Honey roasted peanuts
Pastel chocolate drops
Annies cheese bunnies and pretzels
Annies graham bunnies
Yogurt covered raisins
Nilla wafers

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