UI’s Favorite Portrait Contest Portrait 10

The rules: You can vote by leaving a comment under you favorite portrait only once a day but you can have anyone and everyone vote for your favorite portraits so send everyone over to the UI Blog. You can go back and vote everyday for the same portrait or portraits if you have not changed your mind so stop by daily and leave a comment. The portrait with the most votes and the portrait with the most unique comment will be the winners!

To vote you must leave a comment under the post of your favorite portraits. Each comment left will count as one vote and which ever portrait has the most votes at the end of January wins! We will also have a second winner which will be chosen by whichever portrait has the most unique comment that tells about why you love UI so be creative ladies and gentlemen!

Since we have so many images competing against each other this year the prizes are better than ever, the portrait with the most comments & the portrait with the most unique comment will both win a $100 gift card to UI & one of our very own 6×6 handmade and painted frames with a chalkboard inside (so awesome right)!

But wait theres more! We have been having lots of fun coming up with tons of sweet gifts for you this year and will be giving the portraits with the 2nd & 3rd most votes a fun handmade cotton bag full of cute and sweet goodies from UI!

So what are you waiting for, get voting and ask all of your family and friends to do the same, we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. The race is on!
Love UI

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  • Katy Jablonowskithanks Lindsey!

  • TerriLove it.

  • Jason FogelmanI like it because you can’t see Matt’s face!

  • Jen FultonBeautiful picture, Katy! You look SO happy….very very nice.

  • Maggie McCoyLove this picture! Awesome family. <3

  • Kristin GreenwoodGood luck beautiful family!!

  • Kate VavraWhat a great picture!

  • Christi SmithWhat a great photo!

  • LisaAwwww. You can feel the love.

  • Michelle HenderyGreat family pic!

  • Lucinda SteeleI only refer my pretty friends to Lindsey!! 🙂

  • Marie BrunettiGreat family picture!

  • Kathy JablonowskiI may be related to 3 of them but all 4 are beautiful!!!

  • Carla RobinsonBeautiful family picture!!

  • Gennygorgeous family!

  • Peter nesterIs this where I vote for Ron Paul?

  • Katy Jablonowskihmmm…second day voting, still like the picture.

  • Kathy ChambersBeautiful picture of one happy family! Love the color co-ordination, too!

  • nancy EversonLove, Love the pics of my family. THey are the best!

  • Bob EversonAuditions for the revival of Bednobs and Broomsticks. Look out Angela Lansbury , this family has it all.

  • Katy Jablonowskithird day–yeah, still like it.

  • Matt JabsGreat picture!

  • Aunf KatieMatt needs to get himself a purple sweater 🙂 Love this!!

  • Katy Jablonowskithanks AUNF katie!lol.

  • Monica JohnsonCuteness overload! Love it!

  • Kate VavraWhat a happy family! I love what the picture captures.

  • Jaclyn T.Fun!

  • Kelly NelsonLove the purple and LOVE the polka dots!

  • Stephanie MitsakosGreat photo!

  • Kathy Jablonowskistill a great photo

  • Matt Jablonowskiwhen is this contest over?

  • nanct eversonIT’s lovely weather for a bedride together with you! Who needs a sleigh ride when the 4 of you can do this.

  • LizLove this picture!

  • Maggie McCoyStill love it!!!

  • Katy Jablonowskiday 5 of liking this picture

  • Kathy JablonowskiThis beautiful picture is captures what this family is all about.

  • nancy eversonPic still rates as one of the best you have done Lindsey. Keep up the good work. Everyone who sees it loves it.

  • Katie FaustWhat a beautiful family! I love this picture!

  • Matt Jablonowskihow can we dance when our earth it turning? how do we sleep while our beds are burning?

  • Katy Jablonowskilooks like we’re competing for the most unique comment…

  • nancy eversonIs it soup yet? Are we there yet? Is the competition still on?
    Still love the pis of my family.

  • Katy Jablonowskiblah blah blah

  • Katy Jablonowskilast shot…hoping for a win for unique comment! wink wink.