Treat Yourselfie July Challenge!

We are super excited to announce that we are coming out with a 3 month subscription option for our Treat Yourself Boxes! So excited, in fact, we are hosting a fun Instagram Challenge and will be selecting one of the participants to win the 3 month subscription!

Here is a list of all the different ways we would love to see you Treat Yourselfie during the month of July! You don’t need to do these on these specific dates, feel free to pick and choose which ever treat best fits into your schedule each day!


1)read an article, book, favorite blog (like Live Sweet 🙂

2)drink some tea/ coffee/ smoothie

3)date night (with your SO, bestie or self!)

4)take time in nature (beach, woods, etc)

5)create something (cook, bake, paint, write)

6)take a nap

7)watch a show

8)get dressed up

9)try something new (new food, new exercise class, new activity)

10)spend time in prayer, devotion or meditation

11)paint your toenails

12)go for a walk

13)take a bubble bath

14)eat a popsicle

15)go out for ice cream or other treat

16)try a new beauty or hair product

17)have a girls night

18)eat outside

19)stay in your pjs or comfy clothes all day

20)try making a new healthy recipe you’ve been wanting to try

21)spend some guilt free time doing something you love (shopping, going to your favorite book store, online shopping)

22)let yourself hang out on Pinterest just for fun for 30 minutes or longer

23)call and chat with a good friend you don’t see often

24)make a sweet treat you’ve been wanting to try

25)get fresh flowers to display in your home

26)indulge with your favorite chocolate or other treat

27)watch a new movie

28)sit and relax

29)write down three things that make you awesome

30)go to bed early

31)spend time with someone who makes you laugh

Head to our @treatyourselfbox instagram page to read more about how our challenge works and we hope you will join in on the fun!

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