Treat Yourself Box

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Treat Yourself! We didn’t get tricky with the name, we are just that…a treat from you, to you! This is a gift box delivered to your door each month filled with all the fun things you wish you had the time and creative energy to find and shop for. What makes us special is our unique, sweet and diverse treats. Lindsey pulls together everything from trendy home decor items to delicious candies and packages it in her signature Live Sweet style.

Treat Yourself Box Sample Image

Together we want to help each other as active women stay joyful and in balance! Along with your monthly goodies we will be sharing tips on healthy snacks for you and yours kiddos, yoga poses and more here on our blog and on Instagram!

We are two fun and fabulous young moms, who know all too well the need and value in self love. We drive minivans, sit on preschool boards, eat most meals standing up (while trying to get our toddlers to eat sitting down) and generally put everyone else’s needs, wants and whims before our own. We’re learn-as-you-go kind of girls, but one thing we know for sure is that when we take care of ourselves, we have infinitely more to give.

xoxo Lindsey and Lauri