Tissue Paper Flowers

These flowers are an adorable addition to any child’s room, or for a summer party.  They are easy to make and add so much color and texture instantly!

8 Sheets Colored Tissue Paper

Craft wire/string/ribbon/pipe cleaners- basically anything that can be used to tie.

Place the 8 sheets of tissue paper evenly on top of each other.  Begin at one end of the rectangle and begin folding the paper accordion style in about 1 inch folds.  Keep the folds piled on top of eachother so that the entire paper forms a long rectangle.

When the paper is folded, take the ends of the rectangle and cut out a triangle, or half circle shape. This will make the ends of your petals.

Tie the center of the rectangle with craft wire, string, ribbon or pipe cleaners.  Begin lifting each layer of tissue paper up towards the center.  Keep separating each layer until the flower is full and fluffy.

These look great hanging from the ceiling on cute ribbon!

Have a fresh and fun day,


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