The value in community!

Do you feel like you’re in a creative rut? 

This may be one of the most common topics that women bring up when it comes to running a business online. I can’t personally give you a step by step guide that will magically cure you from creative burnout- but today I want to share the first thing I do to get inspired when my creativity is lacking!

Look to your Circle 

Maybe you’re like me and you constantly fill your days with to-do lists, meetings, running a household and making the world go round! Sometimes we don’t take the time to make sure our priorities are straight!

It’s so important to surrounding yourself with encouraging and supportive women! Do you have a girlfriend or a group of friends that you can share your goals with? Your struggles, your bright ideas, your heart?  Sometimes, inspiration from others is just what we need to get that motivation up and focus on the bigger picture! 

I truly believe that the events happening in our lives -the stories that are developed in our every days- can serve the purpose of encouragement in each other’s lives. The trials and joys that you’re experiencing- they aren’t happening by accident! So today I want to encourage you to share them! 

Maybe you’ll share how you’ve overcome an obstacle, talk about an idea for a future venture, or even just offer a word of encouragement on a day when they’re not feeling it, the point is, a supportive conversation with a friend can make all the difference! 

Call up someone today and let them know the value that they bring to your life! Talk about where you’d like your business to be in a year from now! Or, chat about the successes they’ve experienced lately.

I promise you’ll leave feeling refreshed and inspired by surrounding yourself with like-minded women!

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