The Magicalness of Bubbles and Window Light!

Noah got a new bubble machine and is having a ball shooting bubbles into the air everywhere he goes! I have always loved to photograph bubbles as there is something so magical about them. They are now one of Libby’s favorites too and I love how she will just sit and try and catch them and giggle over and over! It’s been a dark and rainy week here but the bit of light that does shine through the windows is just stunning. I had to capture our little miss in all it’s beauty!


We are taking the #makeclothmainstream challenge and giving cloth diapers a try. I love how adorable they look on Miss Libby and they are perfect for potty training days at home because she can slip them off all by herself and then I can put them back on her when she is done instead of having to use up two disposables! I am actually enjoying it much more than I thought I would which I am so excited about!


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  • JasmineThese are adorable. Very creative!