The Importance of Email Marketing!

How do you market in a world that is inundated with advertisements, and everyone is overstimulated? When was the last time someone tried selling to you? Last time you opened instagram? Me too. 

Don’t let this get to you! If you have something wonderful to offer someone, something that will change their life, something that is making the world a better place, don’t hide it!! Share it! You want to build a relationship with this audience, to establish yourself as an expert, and continue to nurture that relationship until your audience is asking for your help. Here’s where email marketing comes in. 

Email marketing isn’t based on how an algorithm favors you. It’s not even based on how beautiful of a feed you can curate, or how well you research your hashtags. You’re follower list isn’t in the hands of a big corporation, you own it!  Email marketing is a sure fire way to reach your audience without nuance and distractions. 

You may be thinking, “email marketing? I thought that was obsolete.” To be honest, I used to think so too. But that was before we put the time into nurturing our email list. Now, it’s our main platform for selling and our most engaged audience!

 Email lists are more important than ever and we can’t wait to help you build this skill throughout the month!

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