The Creative Part of Me

I have been really trying over the last few months to get back to the real creative side of me. Almost all of my photography keeps me creative in my work but I have been missing really focusing on the true creativeness in all of the little things in my life. 

Lindsey and Noah The creative part of me

Finding Me Again

Last fall I decided to start taking some online classes to really make myself spend some time on the things that make me, me; and help to see all that I am supposed to be doing with my life. It has been a wonderful journey and I really feel like I am getting back to my true creative self and the things I love.

Learning and Growing


I have been baking lots, spending lots of time with Noah and my family, creating lots of little gift projects, photographing us more and focusing on how God wants to use the creative part of me to serve Him and those around me. It is so wonderful to just open yourself up and really see what it is you are being called to do. It has certainly been a learning experience as well but I am so excited to be moving forward in my life and constantly growing. I thought I would share this mood board with you that I had to do for one of my classes. It is just a little piece of the creative part of me!

Lindsey and Noah

Today I hope you get to do something little just for you and find a little bit of your creative side!

Love Lindsey

I just love candy and cute little bags, I find all the colors, patterns, and textures so inspiring and just want to use it all to create cute things!

bags, candy, patterns

I am crazy about little stuffed animals!! (Does that make me still a little kid, Im ok with that if it does lol!) I also love washi tape and it is a must have for everyone!

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