A tea party fit for a princess and a pig

Yesterday we had a fun little tea party for Libby and Pearl! I have been dreaming of tea parties with a little girl since long before I was married! I am over the top into cute and girly as I am sure you have already noticed. Now that the little miss is getting bigger we have started playing dolls, kitchen, tea parties and more and it’s just too adorable! So many dreams are coming true!

And to add to the cuteness little Pearl joined in the fun! Libby and Pearl have become the best of friends and play together all day, it’s just the sweetest! I can’t believe that Libby will be two this week! I will be posting more about planning her party soon! She of course is having a Pink Pigs and Pearls birthday party!

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  • Alvina GermanLove little girl and pig. How adorable. Would like to forward website to friends.

  • ReneeI saw Libby and Pearl on Buzzfeed and had to stop by to check out your blog. Also to tell you how precious Libby and Pearl are. My daughter’s are 23 and 20 and have always wanted me to get a pig. I wasn’t sure how they would get along with my dogs and grandchildren. After watching Libby and Pearl interact with each other I may have to look into it. Your photos and items are like a breath of fresh air. Plus what you do with the money is amazing. Such sweet souls!! Thank you for all you do! @rozuna63 on instagram

  • jennaI read your press on Mashable and had to come see more pictures! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I love the way you capture their friendship xx