Tamara’s family

I had so much fun at our session! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!
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  • Sabrina CataniaI love the first one of Sophia. Her face is too precious. Love the shot of Logan with the chickies. The last picture is great–showing his beautiful face.

  • Steve CataniaI love the first one too but also love the black and white photo of the two of them. I’m so glad we got pictures with the both of them. Thanks Tami!!!

  • Debbie CataniaI love these pictures!!! So cute!!!

  • Chris DiVilioAre those real chickies!!?? I love the pics!!

  • Mike CataniaI miss them so much!!

  • Stefano ScarnaSTOPP!! ALL of them way too beyond than cute and beautiful cousins I ever had…
    Love all of the entire pictures!!

  • Maida MarinaroI’m truly in awe with these pictures of my sweet grandchildren Logan & Sophia — thank you, Lindsey!

  • ROBERT MARINAROoh yes of course very cute bright for my sweet grandchildren beauitful picture thank you

  • VictoriaThey are just gorgeous!!! are those real baby chicks???

  • Charna VazquezThese pictures are absolutely beautiful!! What a great idea! I truely adore how close they are, simply precious! Thank you for sharing them with us! xoxo

  • Tamara MarinaroYes these are real baby chicks and bunny. Logan was fascinated by them. He wanted to go back and touch them again because he was scared the first time. Thank you for all your sweet comments. My baby and sweet niece are beautiful and I am so lucky they are in my life. Xoxo

  • krista kappelThese pics are so precious! Logan and Sophia are so beautiful! I hope I get a print, the black and white is by far my favorite 🙂

  • Derek MarinaroLove the pictures of my Niece & Nephew. My personal favorites are ALL OF THEM… I love those guys!

  • Thelma SchroederAll of these photos are lovely. Both kids are adorable. Their outfits are perfect for this time of the year.

  • Annemarie DellaGuardiaI love the picture of the two kids together. They are such beautiful children.

  • Roberta WeitzeAwwww, they are all SO adorable and SO cute, can’t pick one as it’s all so cute!! Love the chicks and rabbit with Logan, too!! Such beautiful/handsome children!! Enjoy them!

  • Susan WattsAwww! They are so adorable… Sophia looks princess and Logan looks prince! I wanted to cuddle them dearly. Sigh!

  • Susan WattsI like all the pictures but I picked two of them together in color photo!

  • David PerezWow great pictures! They look so cute!

  • Sabrina CataniaThanks for all your sweet comments.

  • GrammaThanks for all your kind comments on my sweet grandbabies, God bless y’all! XO

  • Tamara MarinaroThank you all for the sweet comments of my sweetness.

  • Gail F VallarioThanks for sharing those pics and I love them all!! Especially the first one of Sophia and the last one of Logan plus two of them in black/white. Beautiful pictures… I’m sure he enjoyed playing w/chickens & bunny too, LOL… Good Luck!!!!

  • Gisela Dixon-LashleyLove the Picture. Cute both may God bless them.

  • Joseph LashleyTamara your babies are beautiful hugs and kisses.

  • Mike CataniaI love my beautiful niece!!! So adorable!!

  • Steve CataniaI cannot wait to see ALL the pictures!!! So friggin anxious!!

  • Sabrina CataniaGail, I agree with you!! I love the same opictures as you do!! Thank you for your kind words.

  • Debbie CataniaI am dying to get my picture of them!!! When are they coming out? Cutest pictures i ever seen!!

  • Chris DiVilioThese children are a gift from God. I love these Easter pictures.

  • Maida MarinaroOnce again, thank you all for your wonderful comments — appreciate your time to reply, LOVE YOU xo

  • Megan CardenasLove it! They look so adorable.

  • Kristy SteinerIt looks like a parenting magazine photo spread because they always have perfect babies, perfectly dressed! Gorgeous! Love the pics and the little ones in them.

  • VivienneAww so adorable!! Love em all.. I expect a copy of some of these pics FYI 🙂 love u guys!! see you all SOON!

  • Steven CataniaThank you everyone for your nice comments. We are truly blessed!!

  • Lorraine ScarnaAWWWWWWWWWW…..Fall in love in ALL pictures and I like the better on 1st picture of Sophia with cutest smile, handsome Logan on the last picture…Perfect shots….Im proud to be their great Auntie. Get me some pictures. ILY

  • Maida MarinaroOnce more, I’ve enjoyed reading your great feedbacks, you guys are adorable, 😉 xoxo

  • francesca marinaroAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words these are the two most beautiful children in the world! I am soooo lucky to be their aunt!! xo wow amazing! Great pics to remember them when they are our age right??? so beautiful wow

  • Adele KappelThe pics are absoultly gorgeous. They are both such precious
    little people. And I want my copies…..pleeeeese!

  • Steven CataniaI am a very proud dad and uncle!!! =)

  • Stefano ScarnaSPEECHLESS!

  • Sabrina CataniaWe can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  • Steven CataniaPictures are available!!! YES!!

  • GrammaHey, you have no idea how many times I’ve viewed these pics of my grandbunnies here — they’ve brought me as well as others who love them NOTHING, but JOY, JOY & JOY!!! Once more, thank you for your wonderful comments — keep ’em coming! xxoo

  • Ruben MatosPriceless photos

  • Ruth MatosMy great grandchildren are precious. I love their eyes.

  • Steven CataniaThank you Lindsey!!! Pictures are beautiful.

  • donna murphyI finally found it. What can words ever mean, a picture says it all. To my third generation of good looks & brains may your hopes &
    dreams all come true. May God keep you safe & in his love & never
    ever forget who you are and most of all your family. Be kind & write it all down in your head and thank you for being part of more
    of my memories that I will share with you. LOVE, AUNT DONNA xoxo