Talking Ingredients with Johnson’s Baby!

This blog post is sponsored by Johnson’s® but all words and thoughts are my own.

Now that I have four little ones, I especially cherish any one on one time I get with each of them. That’s why I love moments like these when I can focus just on Claire! She loves when I put her Johnson’s® lotion on her and I love how it makes her skin feel and smell! I also love Johnson’s® commitment to the top safety standards for all their products and how they disclose 100% of ingredients used including fragrance!

Lindsey cuddling Claire

As a mama of four, I also have so many things to think about and take care of. I don’t have time to worry about the products I’m putting on my children’s skin. That’s why I need a brand and products I can trust. On top of that, they share everything that’s in their products right in plain sight. Johnson’s® website is absolutely incredible! It has a Safety Standards Ingredients page where you can check on all the ingredients used in their products. This is such a time saver and I love how transparent they are. They are not trying to ever hide anything and they even list why they use each ingredient. I just love it!

Lindsey smiling at baby Claire

Johnson’s® may be the brand that has been around since we ourselves were children, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t stopped raising the bar to keep giving us the best for our babies! Their goal continues to be giving us moms the best and gentlest products for our babies. It’s backed by science, so they just keep improving!

Claire and Lindsey

Johnson’s® has a great 5 step safety process that you can read more about here. I really respect that they lay out how they go about developing all their products. Their unwavering commitment to screening, testing, evaluating and more to give our babies only the best is so important!

Johnson's baby ingredients with Lindsey and Claire

Thank you, Johnson’s®  for going above and beyond to create the most gentle and safest products for my babies and for sharing exactly how you do it! I don’t have to spend time worrying or decoding what I’m putting on my babies’ skin!

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