Take my picture momma

I never thought I would hear him saying that after all of the pictures I make him pose for but lately when I get my camera out to photograph whatever new craft or product I am working on he says momma are you going to take my picture too? For awhile we went through the phase were he would cover his face or try and hide himself whenever the camera came near him but I am so glad he are over that phase. The other day he climbed right up onto the table were I was shooting so that there would be no way I’d miss him, it was a riot. I am so glad that he enjoys me taking his picture, because we all know it happens quite often and Im not about to stop. Here he is posing on the table in his jammies!

Today we decided to take a little walk to the playground and spend some time outside on this beautiful day! Noah hasn’t been feeling well all week so we went and got some treats at the store and spent some time playing at the playground.

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  • AvenleaHe is so cute!