Sweet Living at the Pumpkin Patch

Hi my name is Jen and I am so excited to join the Live Sweet team. You will be seeing me on the blog every now and then. One of the things I am so excited about sharing with you are arts & craft projects that I will be doing with Lindsey’s little ones. We will be giving you sweet fun ideas and instructions so that you can do them with your little people too. My older 2 children are in college and my youngest is 14, so any time I get to hang out with little people and craft, I am a happy girl!! When my older two were little, I had a preschool play day at my home. I have really missed it over the years, but homeschooling my own took priority. With that said, I am looking forward to “lesson planning” again and coming up with some ideas with Lindsey and making them happen.

Those who know me well know that I love Fall, and a trip to the pumpkin patch is a must every year. I would drive my friends crazy because they would want to plan a time to go together in advance, but that was just not how I rolled. I would just wake up one day and know it was the day. The colors of the leaves had to be just right and the weather had to be perfect. It could not be too hot, the air had to be crisp, and the sun not too bright. You know the kind of day which calls for a sweater and a cup of hot cocoa.

Can you imagine how sad I was when my 14 year old told me that he thought he might be too old for the pumpkin patch??? I was so happy when Lindsey suggested that we go together. I knew my son would love that and so would I.  My pumpkin patch dreams were made and this is the first thing I get to share with you!It was truly a zoo with this crew but so much cuteness and fun.  I have so much fun looking at pictures over the years of my kids in these fun cut outs and sitting in a sea of pumpkins. As you can see Finn missed the pumpkin picture.  He was running free and loving it!! 

We definitely got a crisp day. This was one of not very many outings for Claire so far in her sweet little life and we were so impressed with how well she did. She was all bundled up and ready to go. I was so happy to capture this moment for Lindsey.It was so fun to watch Finn.  He was so excited to be outside. He was a blur as he ran from this thing to that. He sure gave those ducks a run for their money. Libby was a sweet big sister following him around and playing with him. 

He just wants to be wild & free and to keep on trucking!!!

The slide was a big deal of the day. Fun for all ages. I loved being at the end and seeing all of their faces full of laughter!!!! I must confess, I love me a good pig race more than words can even say. I mean, who does not want to cheer for Heather Hockleer, Amy Swinehouse, Dale Earnhog Jr, Kevin bacon or Ham Solo in hopes of winning a pig nose and to wear it for all to see?? We were so excited when Finns pig won!!! I was so glad I got to get a pic of at least one of us with a snout.Over the years, we have rarely missed a  farmer and his wife picture. It is so fun to look over the years and see how the kids have changed.  We, of course would get silly and switch the rolls. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are these. I loved doing this with Noah and Libby. Libby made it happen with Jonah. Oh , sometimes it is just the sweet little things that make you happy!!!!I hope you are taking some time to walk through and crunch some leaves, to breath in some of that Fall crisp air and to give em’ pumpkin to talk about.  Remember, the leaves remind us that it is ok to let go!!! Sorry, but I just could not help myself.

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